Make the greek tzatziki sauce according to this recipe serve the eggplant fries hot or warm with the tzatziki sauce or a side of marinara enjoy notes make ahead note you can prepare the greek tzatziki sauce a day in advance if you like simply store in an airtight container in the fridge before serving give it a quick stir to refresh.

Gyros are a delicious sandwich for lunch or dinner with spiced grilled meat topped with lettuce tomato onion and a flavorful tzatziki sauce you can find tzatziki in the refrigerated condiment section of the grocery store or make your own using greek yogurt sour cream cucumber and fresh dill.

Tzatziki tsaht zee kee otherwise known as that yogurt and cucumber sauce you love at greek restaurants but worry about mispronouncing hear the correct pronunciation here tzatziki is made simply with yogurt drained cucumber olive oil fresh herbs usually mint or hellip.

Tzatziki sauce is a yogurt and cucumber sauce which is typically found in southeast europe and the middle east most versions include strained yogurt aka greek yogurt cucumbers garlic salt and some versions include fresh herbs and a bit of acid like lemon juice or vinegar.

Also known as cac k in turkey and north cyprus this staple in turkish and greek cuisine is used to accompany mezze and warm bread served as a more liquid sauce alongside grilled meats and salads assembled from just a handful of ingredients and requiring no cooking or equipment what the perfect tzatziki recipe does call for is a little time.

The key is to squeeze out as much water from the grated cucumber as possible this ensures that the tzatziki sauce stays nice and creamy i used fage 2 greek yogurt but the fat free version works well too taste for seasoning and salt accordingly these greek chicken gyros with tzatziki sauce can be wrapped in your favorite pita bread.

Tzatziki is a delicious mediterranean sauce made out of yogurt with minced cucumber garlic and lemon juice i usually buy a huge jar of tzatziki sauce at costco the hannah brand of tzatziki sauce pictured above even though it rsquo s a big package of sauce it gets used up within a week at my house there are so many things to eat and serve with tzatziki sauce and it rsquo s so delicious.

Tzatziki is a creamy greek yogurt sauce with cucumbers and fresh garlic this is a versatile sauce that is the perfect accompaniment to many mediterranean dishes you can also slather it on your sandwiches or simply use it as a dip with warm pita and your favorite vegetables.

Tzatziki pronounced sat zee key or cha chi key in greece is a popular yogurt based cucumber sauce its traditionally made with strained salted sheeps or goats milk yogurt combined with cucumbers garlic and herbs cool and creamy this tangy cucumber dip is the perfect complement to grilled meats and vegetables.

Also if you are looking for a vegan tzatziki sauce or a dairy free tzatziki sauce then just use coconut milk yogurt instead of greek yogurt this is so tangy and delicious perfect spread over some warm bread i also love to eat this sauce with raw veggies as a healthy snack option there rsquo s lots of protein in the yogurt so it keeps me full.

Authentic greek chicken gyros recipe with tzatziki sauce mar 31 2019.

But yogurt is a controversial ingredient in the low carb community that rsquo s why i prefer to make my tzatziki sauce with sour cream just like the traditional sauce this version is perfect for dipping fresh vegetables you can also serve it with grilled meats like chicken beef pork and lamb it rsquo s a perfect sauce to add cool and tangy flavor.

For a thicker tzatziki sauce squeeze out the excess liquid from the grated cucumber by wrapping it in paper towels over the sink and wringing before adding to the tzatziki sauce mixture this easy tzatziki sauce will last in the fridge up to 5 days i don rsquo t recommend freezing it.

Tzatziki tomato cucumber salad flatbread to roll up the gyros ndash or use smaller pita breads and just fold them over greek chicken gyros marinade ingredients here rsquo s what you need for the marinade there rsquo s lots of garlic and dried oregano lots yogurt is a magical marinade ndash it rsquo s a terrific flavour carrier and tenderises the chicken.

Make the optional tzatziki sauce or use store bought place salmon on a well greased grill along with the lemon open side down the tomato open side down and the sliced eggplant grill salmon on both sides for 3 4 minutes shorter or longer depending on the thickness of the cut.